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Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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Deciding to relocate to another country, either by yourself or with your family, is a process that demands thoughtful planning, making a set of key decisions and handling a number of visa and residency procedures. Spain is an attractive destination because of the lifestyle and climate, however, settling in might require some expat services in Spain. If you are interested in immigration to Spain, you can rely on our team of immigration lawyers.

Our Spain immigration agents are ready to assist you with complete services, tailored to your needs when moving in the country. You can rely on us for applying for Spanish citizenship.

Dedicated services when moving to Spain

Immigration to Spain from the USA or from other countries in Europe, Asia or other regions, includes a set of mandatory steps that start with obtaining the right visas for the country. It is important to note that not all individuals will require a visa, more specifically if you are moving in from another EU country, the visa and work permit requirements will be lighter. Nevertheless, you will still need to sort out issues like residency and lawful employment. Spain also offers the possibility of obtaining golden visas under some specific requirements. Our experts can give you more details about the Spanish golden visa

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain offers a complete expat package that includes the following services:
  • Visas: we can help you apply for the visas needed to enter the country or for specific purposes like studying or the entrepreneur visa.
  • Residence permit: living in Spain lawfully is done by having a valid residence permit; we can help you apply for one.
  • Employment: you can start thinking about moving to Spain once you have secured an employment contract with a Spanish employee; we can help you with all matters related to expat employment in the country.
  • Housing: renting or buying a house can be a challenge, especially if you do not have much time to look for the perfect residence; our Spain immigration agents can help you.

This list is not exhaustive. We know that each individual or family that decides to move to Spain will have a different background and we will look into all of the issues before outlining the steps you need to follow for a smooth transition. In case you need other services in Spain, such as assistance in drafting a will or specialized legal aid for divorce cases in Spain, our team of lawyers can help you.

Our specialists are at your service for tailored guidance on obtaining a residence permit in Spain.

Other aspects to consider when moving to Spain

Relocating to another country will include much more than the steps outlined below. These are just the first ones when emigrating and applying for a residence permit in Spain. They are followed by others like choosing an insurance plan, finding the right options for schooling or kindergarten, translating documents and even driving license issues or vehicle insurance in Spain.

You can contact our team who specializes in Spain immigration for complete details about the services we offer to expats. We can also help you obtain Spanish citizenship.