Guide to Renting a Property in Spain

Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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Immigrating to Spain implies completing various steps, among which finding housing once the visa has been obtained, searching for a property to move to should be next. However, a foreign citizen seeking to move to Spain can also start looking for a property before the formalities of obtaining the necessary visa are begun. From this point of view, searching for a property to rent in Spain would be ideal.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Spain have compiled a short guide on renting a property in this country. If you need legal support in immigration to Spain, our lawyers are at your disposal with complete support.

Why rent a property when immigrating to Spain?

Foreign citizens moving to Spain have two dwelling options: the purchase or rental of real estate. While the first option will enable foreigners to actually own properties in Spain, the second one is more suitable for those prospecting the market. However, there are several other reasons why one should consider renting a property in Spain before taking the step of buying one.

Those who don’t know the exact region where they want to live are advised to rent a property and see if it suits their living intentions and even lifestyle. Also, for those interested in not spending all their savings, rental is the best option when moving to Spain.

Also, when renting a property in Spain as a foreign citizen, it is also good to know that there are several legal aspects to consider. From this point of view, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Spain. They will also explain the procedure of obtaining a residence permit in Spain.

How to find a property for rent in Spain

Immigrating to Spain implies taking a huge step and a complete change in one’s life, especially when coming from outside Europe, such as the USA. This is why it is best to start searching for a property for rent before the actual move. There are several ways of looking for a property for rent in Spain, among these newspapers and local real estate agencies being the most popular. Also, when choosing to work with a real estate agency, foreign persons are safer when choosing the property to rent.

If you are looking to emigrating to Spain, our lawyers can guide you through the entire procedure which implies choosing the right type of visa, preparing the necessary documents and filing them with the appropriate authorities. Our immigration lawyers can help you obtain any type of visa you need, including a Spanish golden visa. This program is also one of the fastest ways to Spanish citizenship.

Real estate rental legislation in Spain

Those who have decided to immigrate to Spain and rent a property should know that they will benefit from protection under the legislation which secures the relation between tenant and landlord. According to the Spanish legislation:
  1. renting a property in Spain implies signing a contract with the landlord which can be a short or long-term agreement;
  2. based on the duration of the stay, the rights of the tenant are more extensive (the longer the rental period, the more extensive the rights of the tenant);
  3. the landlord has the obligation of registering the tenants with the Spanish authorities;
  4. the landlord cannot enter the property without the written consent of the tenant;
  5. the tenant is required to submit proof of his/her residence in Spain and of being able to support the rental costs.

In most cases, rental agreements are signed for 6 to 12 months and are considered short-term contracts, while long-term contracts are signed for a period starting with 12 months. It is also useful to know that one can negotiate the rent, however, the landlord has the right to modify the cost of the rent during the contract. It is also possible for long-term rentals for the landlord to propose the extension of the contract for up to 3 years for those looking for a stable place to stay.

Another aspect to consider when renting a property in Spain is that the tenant will be required to provide personal information to the landlord who, in some cases, must register the tenants with the National Police in Spain.

Spain is a very safe country to emigrate to and it is also a safe place to rent a property in. This is why, if you need support in Spain immigration, you can rely on our lawyers. This is also one of the ways in which you can obtain Spanish citizenship.

The real estate market in Spain

There are many large cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, but also smaller ones in which one can rent a property. The real estate market in Spain is quite different from region to region, which is why when deciding to immigrate to Spain, it is best to first search for more options before deciding.

In Spain, in 2018:
  • property prices increased by 8.7% in large cities like Barcelona and the capital;
  • in metropolitan areas, the increase was not that high, reaching 3.5%;
  • in towns, the average housing prices increased by nearly 2.9%;
  • the average price transaction decreased by 4.3% in the 3rd quarter of the year in urban areas.

For legal assistance in renting a property when emigrating to Spain, please contact our lawyers. You can also rely on us when applying for a residence permit in Spain.