Spanish Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens

Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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Spanish Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens Image
EU citizens who are interested in emigrating to Spain can bring their families with them and there is no need to obtain a special visa or go through a complicated process in order to achieve this.
In order to obtain a Spanish residence card for the family members, the relative who is submitting the application will need to make sure that the family members obtain their citizen number and that he has sufficient means to prove that he can sustain them while living in the country. We can help any family member apply for a residence permit in Spain.

We can also help you apply for Spanish citizenship.

Coming to Spain for relative of EU citizens

According to the Spanish immigration law, foreign individuals who are legally residing in the country can reunite with their families. The process does not imply any specific visas or requirements for EU/EES/Swiss citizens and their relatives. For them, the process is a simplified one, however, they will still need to obtain a special identification number.
The applicant will need to register with the Foreigner’s Office within three months of arrival in Spain. When the family moves to Spain together, it is reasonable to presume that all of the adult members will prepare the documents and submit the request for a residence card at the same time.
This is a mandatory step for Spain immigration and it has to be performed whether or not the family members are coming in the country at the same time or at a later date.

Our lawyers can offer more information on how to obtain a residence permit in Spain.

Applying for an EU citizen residence card

The steps for receiving a residence card from the local Foreigner’s Office for a family member are the following, as presented by our immigration lawyers in Spain:
  • - present the ID: the applicant needs to have a valid ID or passport when making the submission;
  • - have health care: evidence of healthcare must be presented, a European Insurance Card can be suitable in some cases;
  • - present employment: the applicant must show a certificate or employment or self-employment, as needed and as applicable; alternatively, proof of enrollment in an educational institution.
  • - have financial means: proof that the family has sufficient financial means to stay in the country.
Immigration to Spain from the USA will be subject to other conditions for the family of the emigrant and so will for those who are coming to Spain from non-EU countries. In all of these cases, it is advisable to talk to one of our local immigration agents for personalized assistance. When living sufficiently here, one can also apply for Spanish citizenship.
If you are interested in more information about this procedure, please contact our Spain immigration agents.