Immigrate to Spain from Colombia

Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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Columbians have a long history of moving to Spain and the country is one of the top choices for those who are considering moving to a European country. Historically, the conflict in Colombia has been a primary cause for relocation, however, individuals are now seeking employment or study opportunities in Spain and in other countries in the old continent. 

Individuals can immigrate to Spain from Colombia if they obtain the residence permit in Spain, according to the purpose of their stay, and that they comply with the requirements for renewing their permits and lawfully living in the country.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain answers some of the most common questions regarding the process and can guide Colombians throughout the steps needed to move to the country. If you want to immigrate to Spain from Colombia, our lawyers are at your disposal with various services. We can also help you apply for Spanish citizenship.

Do Colombians need a visa for Spain?

Travel to Spain is not conditioned by obtaining a prior visa for short-stay visits. Colombians who wish to come to the country can do so with a valid passport. However, in this case, their visit will be limited for a period of a maximum of 90 days. Individuals who wish to move to Spain should start the process by selecting an appropriate type of residence permit and observing the requirements for applying for this document with the Embassy of Spain in Bogota, Colombia or the Consulate in Cucuta, Cartagena, or Pasto. 

If you need more information on Spain immigration from other South American countries, do not hesitate to discuss your options with our lawyers.


What are the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Spain? 

Moving to Spain for long periods of time can be accomplished when the individual secures a job position when he is transferred to a certain job position but also for the purpose of study, family reunification or investment.

Emigrating to Spain can take place in the following ways:
  1. for employment: this is issued when the applicant has found a job with a Spanish employer.
  2. for study purposes: for students accepted to universities in Spain or for those continuing their education.
  3. business investment: entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Spain can do so and receive a residence permit, under certain conditions.
  4. real estate investment: also known as the “golden visa”, it is issued to investors who purchase a Spanish property with a value of at least 500,000 euros.
  5. family reunification: if one of the spouses is a Spanish national or has a residency visa or when other members of the family are in the country; subject to certain conditions.

Our team of agents who specialize in Spain immigration can give you more detailed information about these situations and can guide you for collecting and putting together the right documents for the application. By working with our agents, you can rest assured that the documents submitted for approval will be the ones required by the authorities and that the application will not be denied because of missing or faulty documents. You can reach out to our agents once you have decided on a manner in which you can travel to Spain and stay in the country for a long period of time: employment, education or otherwise. 

We can also assist those who want to immigrate to Spain from the USA. We can provide the necessary support in applying for a residence permit in Spain.

Visas for immigration to Spain from Colombia

As mentioned above, those who want to immigrate to Spain from Colombia have several options. The choice will determine the type of visa required to emigrate to Spain. It is also important to note that some visas are easier and faster to obtain than others.

Here are the main types of visas that can be obtained when immigrating to Spain from Colombia:
  • student visas for those who want to study in Spain (these visas are issued only when enrolled with accredited educational institutions);
  • work visas for short-term and long-term employment contracts obtained with Spanish employers;
  • non-lucrative visas which are usually issued to Colombian citizens who retire to Spain;
  • investment visas under which Colombian citizens are allowed to start a business or invest in real estate with the purpose of obtaining Spanish residence.

There are also other types of visas that can be obtained for specific purposes. These are the cultural, sports, business and medical purposes visas which are usually issued for short periods of time.

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Spain can rely on our lawyers for detailed information on the types of visas they can obtain based on their nationalities.

Immigrating to Spain from Colombia based on a work visa

Those who want to immigrate to Spain from Colombia can easily relocate here based on a work visa. The fact that there are no language barriers and that Spanish companies seeking to hire skilled migrants represent good options for Colombian citizens who want to relocate to Europe.

In order to obtain a Spanish work visa, the Colombian citizen must first ensure he or she has an employment contract with a local company. Based on the contract, the valid passport and a temporary work authorization issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Inclusion in Spain. Then, the documents must be submitted with the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the region. Other documents could also be required when applying for a work visa for Spain.

The greatest advantage of immigrating to Spain from Colombia based on an employment visa is that the once relocated here, the Colombian citizens may also work in other EU member states if they want to.

Our immigration lawyers in Spain can assist South American citizens who want to move to this country.

Schengen visas for Colombian citizens moving to Spain

As mentioned earlier, immigration to Spain allows citizens of non-EU countries to complete various activities, such as work and travel to other EU states. For this purpose, these citizens must apply for a Schengen visa.

There are various types of Schengen visas available for Colombian citizens emigrating to Spain, among these short-term and long-terms visas depending on the reasons for stay can be obtained.
The procedure of obtaining a Schengen visa is the same as obtaining other types of Spanish visas.

If you want to immigrate to Spain based on a Schengen visa, our lawyers can explain the procedure and guide you on the documents you need to prepare.

Those who plan on moving to Spain for long periods of time, including those who want to apply for Spanish citizenship, can rely on us for guidance in buying properties here.

What is the Spain immigration process like?

Columbians who wish to immigrate to Spain will need to submit an adequate application with the Spanish embassy or consulate, according to one of the purposes of stay listed above. The required application documents will differ according to the purpose of the stay. For example, for employment purposes, a copy of the employment agreement will need to be attached just as for the purpose of the study permit the applicant will need to attach a copy of the acceptance letter. Colombians who invest in real estate in Spain will be able to receive the residence permit after they have made the investment and the property is evaluated.

Once the visa application is submitted, it is forwarded to Spain where the Spanish authorities evaluate it and communicate their decision to the Spanish embassy or consulate. If approved, the applicant can collect it in approximately one month and then schedule his travel to Spain within the timeframe included in the document. The residence permit has a certain validity period and needs to be renewed.

Upon arrival to Spain, Colombians will be required to obtain their foreign identification number or the NIE. This is an important step and it will be followed by applying for an identity card. Renting a property and making all of the other necessary arrangements are to be handled by the foreigners as they see fit.

Documents required to immigrating to Spain from Colombia

The list of documents required for foreign citizens from non-EU countries, including Colombia, to Spain is slightly different than of those moving from other EU member states. The first thing to consider when starting to prepare for immigration to Spain is the type of visa to obtain. For all types of visas, a valid passport is required, alongside the application form issued by the Spanish Embassy or consulate.

An important aspect to consider when deciding to immigrate to Spain from Colombia is the time necessary to prepare and file the documents. This must be calculated based on the time required for the visa to be issued. Columbian citizens can also apply for Spanish citizenship.

According to the Spanish immigration authorities:
  • the earliest time to start the visa application procedure is 6 months;
  • the latest period is 2 weeks prior to travel, however, our lawyers advise not waiting that long;
  • the fees for obtaining Schengen visas for Spain are currently set at 80 euros per adult and 40 euros per child aged from 6 to 12;
  • there are no fees for children below the age of 6.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain can assist Colombians interested in moving to the country. Contact us for more details about the application and the relocation process. We can answer more questions according to your particular situation and/or family situation as applicable.