Immigrate to Spain from Canada

Updated on Thursday 14th January 2021

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Individuals who wish to immigrate to Spain from Canada face a relatively simple process and first need to comply with the visa requirements. There are two distinct options available: residing in Spain for long-term work or study purposes or staying in the country based on a non-lucrative visa.
The visa application for Spain is submitted at an embassy or a consulate general in Canada and the process is subject to a set of conditions. Whether it is for work or study purposes or simply because they wish to live in a more Mediterranean climate, Canadians interested in emigrating to Spain can reach out to the professional services provided by our team of immigration lawyers. We can also provide the necessary support in applying for a residence permit in Spain.

Visa options when immigrating to Spain from Canada

Canadian nationals willing to immigrate to Spain have several options for legally residing in the country for a period of time, after which they can apply for permanent residency.
  • the Spanish golden visa: this is a visa that grants residency to individuals who are able to make an investment of at least 500,000 in Spanish property.
  • the non-lucrative residence visa: suitable for Canadians who are looking to stay in Spain long-term and have the financial means to sustain themselves
  • working in Spain: residing in Spain long-term is possible through an employment contract that is renewed accordingly (at the same time the foreign employee also renewing the residence permit).
  • studying in Spain: students who are admitted to study in Spain can stay in the country long-term provided that they follow the regulations for holding a valid residence permit and renewing it as needed.
Two other options for obtaining temporary residency in Spain for Canadians concern investments, namely those for capital investors and those for entrepreneurs and those involved in business activities. Opening a business in Spain is an easy process and Canadian investors have the same rights as EU or local entrepreneurs. You can discuss more these options and the conditions that apply to the business investment with one of our immigration lawyers in Spain.
Canadians who have been temporary residents in Spain for five uninterrupted years can apply for long-term residence. Once permanent residency is obtained, the individual will be able to remain in the country indefinitely and no uninterrupted stays restrictions will apply. 
One of our Spain immigration specialists can give you more information on the conditions for uninterrupted stays in the country, for example, the conditions in which the leave is not considered an interruption, such as in the case of holidays or other applicable reasons. We can also assist if you want to apply for Spanish citizenship.

Steps after obtaining the Spanish visa

Once they have applied for and obtained their visa, Canadians can travel to Spain. Once in the country, they are required to register for social security purposes and apply for a foreign identity card. The foreigner’s identification number is required for all foreigners who come to Spain for business, professional or personal reasons and it is a unique number used to identify the foreign citizen. 
The application for the foreigner’s identity number (or N.I.E.) is submitted to the Consular Post in the region where the applicant resides. The application form will include the details of the foreign applicant as well as other details.
Canadians who have been legally living in Spain for ten years can apply for Spanish citizenship. When a Canadian national has been married to a Spanish national for one year, the period for application will be reduced.

Services offered by our immigration lawyers in Spain

Moving to a new country is an important decision and having personalized legal aid can have a tremendous impact on how the process runs, how quickly the visa is obtained and, in general, on the accommodation period. Working with our Spain immigration lawyers allows visa applicants from Canada to better understand the requirements set forth by the Ministry of the Interior and other governmental bodies, especially in respect to employment, social security of health insurance requirements.
We can help you prepare the documents for the visa application and will provide applicants with a complete list of the needed documents as well as offer permanent counseling on the process, as soon as you begin the visa application in Canada. For those who wish to become employed in Spain, we can help with the communication with the employer, perform due diligence on the employment contract and even assist with the preliminary housing arrangements. We are able to provide full relocation services, with a focus on the legal aspects related to immigration to Spain.
Contact us for more details on how to obtain a residence permit in Spain.